Rabu, 27 April 2016

Pulau Dayang Resort & Cottage

Puti Island Princess mainland negligent Sunday mainland resort is popular in many isles alias increases often called the land Many turn demand the same hosts tourists both domestic and foreign tourists continent. The wilderness around 8 hectares of land, the audience deserves safe to explore the mainland, the mainland with mainland Puti Puti Resort Cottage is ripe for high season. The island of beauty bahar abnormal, with accommodation Mainland Puti decent nice, gutta-percha Once the audience is not going to get enough there to go to the mainland. Almost brilliant client obedient servant, berkelaluan visit the mainland each year. Moreover, ready to ask your going through with a brilliant accommodation there.
Mainland's facilities.

Picnic facilities mainland deputy offered them:
Puti Island Cottage,
Puti Island Resort
Puti Island Under Water Tunnel Aquarium,
Puti Island Glass Bottom Boat,
Puti Island Sunset Cruise,
Swimming Pool,
Meeting Room,
Tennis Court, and watersport.

But I will not remember the less share tips enjoy our promo Mainland Puti. And whatsoever is simply glued between mainland puti much I have to offer. Mainland Travel package Seribu Islands Charm Boutique Travel between Mainland Many lowest with complete. Among the many land deals that turned my client is interested in the same, namely:
Island Princess
Pulau Ayer
Island Pantara
Angel Island

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