Friday, 6 January 2012

Since starting my new job and having a lot more responsibility in my personal life I have neglected my blog. I thought about it from time to time, but the moment was always fleeting.

Now though I am more settled into my job I hope I can start to post frequently (although frequent for me is like 1ce a month). I started this blog as a homage to fashion, but although I still have a keen interest I've either not got the time to peruse online shops and other fashion blogs or I've not got the same passion I once had. There's also the fact that I don't like talking about one thing all the time, but I tried to keep it to one subject in the past because whilst my "followers" and I obviously share similar interests, no one is 100% interested in exactly the same things as someone else. Even if some people do leech off your personality or others try and force their ideas on to you, people will always have differences.

But this is my blog, so I've decided ultimately this should be what I want to post about - my interests, desires, wish lists, outfits, books, CDs, holidays, gigs. I'm sure my readers are intelligent enough to realise that they don't have to like or read everything I write, just as long as they enjoy the odd post! I don't read every post of all the blogs I follow - I would be reading for the majority of my day. Sometimes I even just look at the pretty pictures (hello no one will read this).

So coming up soon when my internet at home is back up and running, I will post about my recent trip to Berlin for the new year.

For now though I will tell you about books I'm reading, or want to read.

I downloaded the sample you can get for your kindle (I don't have one of these newfangled things, I have the app for my phone which works just as good just a bit smaller). And I couldn't "put it down" (??) I read the prologue and the bit of the first chapter you get and I'm really intrigued to read it further. But not to get to ahead of myself I want to finish reading:

This is an interesting read if you are amateurly into physics. I'm a massive fan girl for Astrophysics, I would make love to it if I could. But I will have to do with second best and absorb and try to understand as much as I can. I find a lot of it marries to my Buddhist practise and connecting faith and science together is a nice feeling.

I like these "how to...." books obviously. I do like to read fiction too, but mostly I like to fill my head with useless information about quantum physics and being a lady. Then to escape all the information I pile into my head I read a trashy novel about some girl falling in love with a man that would never exist in real life.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011



It's just been Halloween, and I celebrated it with a bunch of Americans on Saturday night. They certainly know how to do Halloween. I went as a zombie version as one of my pet cats. I'm always either a cat or vampire because I have no imagination.

I went in all lace type clothes though! So here is it what I wore for Halloween.

I got rather drunk and hit my head. I am now concussed and have really bad back pain! COOL.

Siobhan x

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wagwannin guys!

Yesterday I met up with Kat from Plus Sized Beauty to go to a Vintage fair in Oxford. This is what I wore:

Top: New Look about a hundred years ago.
Skirt: New Look sale £9 (came with a different belt).
Belt: Primark last year.

At the fair I didn't buy any clothes, but I got a few pieces of Jewellery.

Watch: £8

Ring: £2 I had to get it to match my tattoo.

Another recent purchase is this bag. I had been eyeing it for a while. And when I finally managed to get a job it was the first thing I went out and got. I get paid weekly! Hoorah.

Bag: New Look £24.99 but I picked it up with a 20% off voucher.

I am REALLY loving this album and mostly this song at the moment. Girl pop punk and the lyrics are OH SO relevant.

Siobhan x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

So while having dreams about those shoes from New Look, I cheated on them with even more beautiful shoes from Primark.

I have no regrets.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pictures of my life

This was my Dads in the 70's. When we moved from my childhood home he was already ill with cancer, so I kept it, and I've only just got round to make it work. It's now set up in the kitchen, and it works brilliantly. I got the talent to fix things like that from my Dad. So this is for him. I will keep it, and try and make it work for as long as possible! It's already been going for nearly 40 years.

Reading Festival. The rest of my photos are on disposable camera. This was taken on Sunday, while Elbow were playing. We got in further for the beginning of Muse as I was with a massive fan.

Lady Cigars that my best friend was given by her parents after they had been on holiday. The "purple" one was actually pink in real life. And I smoked that bad boy. (Don't smoke kids!)

You may or may not be (most likely not) aware that I am a Buddhist. We made this banner to be used at a few upcoming events, one of which involves members from other European countries coming over to the UK for a weekend to make friends and work for world peace.

New Found Glory WUTTT. Listening to some of their new stuff right now. CANNOT WAIT for Radiosurgery. I will be buy at 12:01am 3rd October on itunes regardless of if I have the money.

So I totally ordered these on the first day of the Models Own sale, but there was a problem and I had to reorder. After waiting 2 weeks and not getting anything, I contacted them and received these 4 weeks to the day after my original order. I will now only be buying in store, if I do.

Siobhan x