Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pictures of my life

This was my Dads in the 70's. When we moved from my childhood home he was already ill with cancer, so I kept it, and I've only just got round to make it work. It's now set up in the kitchen, and it works brilliantly. I got the talent to fix things like that from my Dad. So this is for him. I will keep it, and try and make it work for as long as possible! It's already been going for nearly 40 years.

Reading Festival. The rest of my photos are on disposable camera. This was taken on Sunday, while Elbow were playing. We got in further for the beginning of Muse as I was with a massive fan.

Lady Cigars that my best friend was given by her parents after they had been on holiday. The "purple" one was actually pink in real life. And I smoked that bad boy. (Don't smoke kids!)

You may or may not be (most likely not) aware that I am a Buddhist. We made this banner to be used at a few upcoming events, one of which involves members from other European countries coming over to the UK for a weekend to make friends and work for world peace.

New Found Glory WUTTT. Listening to some of their new stuff right now. CANNOT WAIT for Radiosurgery. I will be buy at 12:01am 3rd October on itunes regardless of if I have the money.

So I totally ordered these on the first day of the Models Own sale, but there was a problem and I had to reorder. After waiting 2 weeks and not getting anything, I contacted them and received these 4 weeks to the day after my original order. I will now only be buying in store, if I do.

Siobhan x


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